Charlie Monaghan

Thoughts from
the Practice

Richard Gill, Emil Neumann
+ Robert Sterry

Architecture should never be the annoying thing you have to organise your life around. It should almost be in the background, like a canvas on which people live their lives.

Lawrie Park Garden, 2017
Black House, 2010


“We tell people, ‘Doing this will change your life’ because that’s what it does. It changes how people live, for the better.”

“We don’t want our architecture to be domineering or dictating. When people move in, the house should happily absorb everything, quietly facilitating their lives.”

“Our work is about the flow of space the flow of light, good detailing. Architecture should work without (the use of) extravagant materials.”

“We love it when clients have interests and hobbies that the architecture can accommodate. I’m designing one kitchen around a coffeemaker at the moment and another around a cupboard for proofing sourdough bread.”

Cross Street, 2008
Burma House, 2020
One of the best things about our job is to go back after a year and see how the space functions. We went to one client who said she never gets any work done because she is always distracted by the beauty of the space!
Milton Pavilion, 2021
St. Georges House, 2019
Tibur House, 2016
I always ask, ‘When you come home, what’s the first thing you do?’ You realise everyone uses their home slightly differently, and our job is to understand and respond to that.
St. Georges Studio, 2019
Jimi House, 2017
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